BAWCC’s Programs: Our Services, Projects and Initiatives

BAWCC’s Center on Leavenworth Street in the Heart of the Tenderloin
BAWCC’s Family Center at Tenderloin Community School
Bay Area Women’s & Children’s Center has two main locations, our Center in the very “heart” of the Tenderloin community, and our Family Center which was built right into the Tenderloin Community Elementary School.
BAWCC does programs at other locations throughout the City as well, such as our Ice Skating Program in partnership with the skating school at Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center, and our partnership with SF City College for parents and their pre-schoolers which we do at the Tenderloin Recreation Center located around the corner on Ellis Street.
Through all of BAWCC’s programs, at all of our locations, we work with nearly 600 families, children, and women every single week, most of them, on a daily basis. The services and programs address basic human needs such as food and clothing, but also provide educational stepping-stones such as literacy/reading and technology.  
A primary question was ask as we establish each of our programs is “Will this program or service open up life options for these families, children, and women?”  If the answer is “Yes”, we move ahead in establishing the program. We listen very carefully to the needs expressed by the women and families with whom we work.  Both our large and small programs, at all of our locations, have been created this way, and they have impacted the lives of thousands of families, children and women over the years.