We are so happy to share Bay Area Women's and Children's Center's website with you!  Please take a look around and see what wonderful things we are doing now. 

Let me know if you have questions or you would like to get involved.

1st Picture:  We took this at the Center when we started working to get Tenderloin Community School built.  These young Tenderloin students were in our “Summer Architects Program” led by architect, Joe Esherick.  The kids helped our staff and the architects work on the “design” of the school!

2nd Picture:  This is a picture of Tenderloin school under construction, with my tired 3-year-old, Ashley, who had just about had it with the picture-taking for the day!  Those are our 2nd & 3rd grade classrooms in the background.

What’s going on now at BAWCC?  Lots, as usual.  We have many different community programs and coalitions that we are sponsoring.  We are also a part of several very exciting partnerships, which enable us to expand our resources even further.  You can learn more about many of these on this website... and as always, we have many ideas of new partnerships and needed-projects which are in the planning stages.  

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately was captured very well in a quotation that I heard recently:

“You don’t have to be great to get started,
        but you have to get started to be great!”
Les Brown

I’m asked many times a year to do: informational interviews, tours of Tenderloin school, talks about our history and programs, consultations on programs.  I love doing them. I am very happy to share lessons we’ve learned along the way on all of our projects, and I certainly pick up many new ideas as well. I have found that I pay close attention to the way people are talking about their aspirations.  If I hear them qualifying their dreams, I am likely to stop them, and tell them that I believe that the most important first step is that they believe, truly believe, that what they are working towards is possible.

The day Tenderloin Community School opened its doors, a reporter asked to interview me for an article for the SF Chronicle.  One of her first questions was: “Did you ever feel like giving up along the way or feel that the school was such a huge effort that it would not be built?” I remember stopping for a while, and just sitting there thinking very seriously about her question, and then said: No, not for one second in the eight years that we worked on getting the school built did I believe that it would not happen, even though many people told us at the beginning that we were wasting our time!  

As you will see as you look through the website, this is just one of many projects BAWCC initiated over our years.  We hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about BAWCC’s work, and that you will consider joining us and supporting this work as we move forward.  

Come visit us!  Our golden retriever receptionist, Kaylee, is always ready to welcome visitors…. Actually, we all are!

On behalf of all of us at Bay Area Women’s and Children’s Center, our warmest welcome!

Midge Wilson, Executive Director