Tenderloin Family Fair

Another of BAWCC’s favorite projects is the Tenderloin Family Fair, which we have sponsored annually since 2001. On a beautiful spring day, we have more than 500 children, parents and other family members come to Tenderloin Community School to enjoy a great festival with carnival games, craft activities, yummy food and terrific prizes.

Many kids go away with six or seven brand new books as well as other coveted prizes that they have “won”. BAWCC collects thousands of new children’s books throughout the whole year so that most of the children can take home plenty of prize books from the Family Fair to read during the summer.

The Family Fair also helps BAWCC raise funds for many of our year-long programs for low-income kids and their families. Proceeds help fund: after-school clubs, the school’s technology program, the learning garden program, dental program, and others.