Technology Program

BAWCC established and staffs the Technology Program at Tenderloin Community School for all 350 students.  They learn computer, iPad and research skills, and create multi-media projects.

In 2006, BAWCC started a special program for our 3rd graders: Typing! When we saw that many were not able to type, and many did not have computers at home to practice on, we started this focus area so that our students are prepared for middle school when they leave us.  BAWCC also provides technology equipment for the classrooms.

Our current initiative is our iPad Program.  Many schools are now shifting their focus from exclusive time in computer labs to incorporating "push-in" programs with iPads for their classrooms.  BAWCC is sponsoring our tablet program so that our students learn skills in additional tech areas. They will need experience and understanding in these new areas as they move on to middle school.