Civic Center School Age Playground

Two years after the Civic Center Tiny Tot Playground opened, BAWCC was contact by the Mayor’s Office, and asked it we would lead another effort to get a second playground built in the Civic Center, but this time, they asked if we would include organizations from throughout the City.  It would be a playground geared to elementary school-age kids.  We loved the idea, and said “Of course!”  

The Civic Center Playground Project was the fastest development project that BAWCC has led.  Being familiar with the nine steps in the approval process for a Civic Center playground, we were able to efficiently work with Rec and Park to make sure the project was moving through the City steps quickly. BAWCC started the Civic Center Playground project effort in 1994.  It opened in 1998.  

Both of the playgrounds that BAWCC worked to get built in Civic Center are much-used resources by families visiting the Main Library, City Hall, the Asian Art Museum, or who come to any event held in the Civic Center.  Teachers who bring their classes there also tell us they love the playgrounds!  It’s certainly a win-win for the City!

The playgrounds have had a "face-lift" recently, and all new structures are there for children and parents to enjoy!