BAWCC's Academic Enrichment Program

Several years after Tenderloin Community School opened, BAWCC staff was approached by the school’s principal and teachers and asked if we could designate some resources to work with students who needed more assistance with reading.

Many students were below, or far below, their grade levels in reading and comprehension, and although the classroom and resource teachers were working hard in this area, there were still many unaddressed needs.

Since that time, BAWCC has had various staff members working one-on-one and with small groups of students on literacy.  In addition, BAWCC joined in the school-wide literacy initiative, and successfully secured donations to help send a group of teachers from Tenderloin school to Columbia University in New York to participate in their Readers Workshop training.

If students are not learning to read by the time they are in their upper elementary years, they are not reading to learn.  BAWCC is committed to continuing our literacy work with these young students.